Polished Chrome Key-Flush Sash Stop 90272

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Polished Chrome Key-Flush Sash Stop

Stop Barrel: 28mm x 16mm
Striker Plate: 49mm x 29mm


Stop Barrel: 28mm x 16mm
Finish: Polished Chrome


Fitted to the sash to restrict the opening for security & safety reasons etc. or fitted to allow the sash to be opened to allow ventilation without compromising on security Can be fitted to the frame/box and prevents the sash being opened beyond that point. Ideal for windows an upper floors where children can be left unattended and offers that extra bit of security and peace of mind. Drill the barrel into sash frame and fit the strike plate to the sash to prevent any damage. Supplied as a pair. Finished in Polished Chrome - for more information see the finishes guide here.