Natural Smooth 10'' x 7'' Curved Shelf Bracket 45421

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Natural Smooth 10'' x 7'' Curved Shelf Bracket 45421

This curved shelf bracket features a simple design to complement any décor.

  • Supplied with matching SS wood screws.

Our natural smooth products are made from a natural cast iron and finished with a clear matt lacquer.  This produces a beautifully smooth look and offers a simplistic charm with versatile attributes, making it suitable for both traditional and contemporary settings.

For accompanying products, we recommend using our natural textured, antique pewter or pewter patina finishes. Our ‘Maintenance Wax’ (33002) should be wiped over the product from time to time to form a protective barrier, particularly when in damper internal environments, such as kitchens or bathrooms.  Light surface rust may appear if using in damp internal environments, but can be removed with ease.  Regular oiling of all moving parts using our ‘3-in-1 Oil’ (92337) is beneficial to the longevity of your products & highly recommended during initial installation.


Vertical Plate: 174mm x 48mm x 4mm
Projection: 249mm